POWs liberated from German camp during World War II

Black-coated prisoners of war, presumably soldiers, walk on road inside POW camp with barracks and fences on both sides / POV through gate of camp as crowd of military prisoners looks up; a couple of Soviet officers are included in the group / group of liberated personnel; some wave / the liberated people with their liberators / Scottish soldier in tam o'shanter shakes hands with (probably) US tank soldier as other liberated prisoners look on / US personnel / officer and soldier of indeterminate country / group of prisoners on steps; one soldier, holding a rifle, is likely Soviet; another soldier of indeterminate country holds a small pistol / VS liberated soldiers pose for photos / US soldiers confer / group of prisoners behind barbed wire / VS liberated prisoners hold food and cup / big grin on liberated soldier's face / VS happy soldiers / angle shot group of liberatees behind barbed wire gate marked 'Women Only' / liberated soldiers cheer; man on crutches waves a crutch / VS happy prisoners, some with eye, arm, head injuries / Note: exact day not known; documentation incomplete; film has nitrate deterioration


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Videoklipp nr.:641376252HD
Samling:Sherman Grinberg Library
Datum skapat:01 april 1945
Releaseinformation:Saknar release. Mer information
Mastrad till:QuickTime 10-bit ProRes 422 (HQ) HD 1920x1080 23.98p Mer information
Ursprungligen inspelat på:35mm B/W Neg
Källa:Sherman Grinberg Library
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