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The annual Siyaha Festival in Siwa Oasis, Egypt - Bildbanksfoto

Siwan people prepare the food in cauldrons for a huge feast, marking the annual "Siyaha" celebrations of the date harvest and the renewal of friendships.// For three days around October's full moon, Mount Dakrur is the scene of the Siyaha festival in the remote Siwa Oasis. Thousands of Siwans gather to celebrate the date harvest, renewing friendships and settling any quarrels that broke out over the previous year. During the festival all Siwans, no matter what their financial or social standing, eat together at a huge feast after the noon prayer each day. The festival is intertwined with Sufism, and each evening, hundreds of men join together in a circle (zikr) of peace and forgiveness. Siwa Oasis, Western Desert, Egypt 16 October 2019.
The annual Siyaha Festival in Siwa Oasis, Egypt
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Siwa Oasis, Western Desert, Egypt
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