Burnaby, British Columbia Canada

Genres: Rock / Pop / Alternative / Techno / Ambient / Western / Industrial / World / Folk
Label: DBS Industries (independent)


Demain's music can be explained (and not so easily explained) in others' words as being dark, poppy, complex, and to the point. A very matter-of-fact in it's honesty, yet sometimes abstract. They borrow a lot of ideas from Lennon/McCartney style songwriting.. some material spanning from 50's, to Southern Twang, to Middle Eastern, to Industrial flavors yet always maintaining a radio friendly structure. They have the luxury of having a small Pro Tools studio to help them in demo production. The professional recordings done with Jon Plum (Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Candlebox) at London Bridge Studios in Seattle, WA can be heard at

For booking, please email us at, or call Jason @ (604) 369-0456.


Demain (pronounced Dee-Main, not the French pronunciation Du-mon yet with the same meaning being: "tomorrow") is the solo material / brand of Jason Demain. The live line-up features a kaleidoscope of talent, from Jason Demain’s unique voice, guitar, and songwriting (Camaro Hair, International Pop Overthrow, M-Set, Smoochknob, and The Strain), Brandon Williams' keyboard, guitar, vocals (The Candystrippers/ The Beating), Stephen Kemp's driving and colorful bass (Satellite Heroes), Mykael Lundstedt's untamed yet sickly “in the pocket” drumming (Satellite Heroes, Gasoline Kings, P.A.W.N., Sugarbang), and guitar riff master Giles Muthersbaugh (See Jane Run, Flavel Drive).

The band initially could be traced back 3/5-ths to San Diego, CA where Jason, Steve, and Myk all played together in Satellite Heroes. The trio migrated to Portland, OR in 1999 and played some impressive shows including the big stage at The Rose Festival before disbanding in 2000. Jason moved around between Tacoma, WA; Seattle, WA; and briefly to Vancouver B.C.; playing in the bands M-set, International Pop Overthrow, and Superjaded. Some songs reached an international status at one point, and commercial pay checks when Microsoft included 2 songs (Novocain and Hello) in their 5.1 surround campaign with Kodak and one Xbox commercial... these all being written and performed by Jason and his band M-set. Jason decided to move back to Portland when E.M.I./Capitol Records backed Camaro Hair invited him into the band. Jason did a 2 year stint with Camaro Hair, 1 year with The Strain (also featuring Craig Montoya of Everclear), reunited with Steve and Myk and played a short time with The Candystrippers (where he met Brandon Williams), and another year + with Smoochknob as a hired gun.

Jason presently has turned his focus into writing for film and TV, and is working on a new solo album. You can hear / download clips as they come available @
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