Lady A.M.

Los Angeles, CA United States

Genrer:Barn/lustig, Folk, Elektronisk – trip hop/downtempo, Elektronisk – pop, Elektronisk – electro, Elektronisk – ambient, Pop – elektronisk, Alternativ pop, Specialmusik – promomusik, Rock – indierock, Rock – alternativ rock, Rock – alternativ pop , Världsmusik – etnisk electronica, Världsmusik – asiatisk – fastlandet
Biografi: Lady A.M., melodic-electronica inspired by the likes of Massive Attack, Portishead, Sneaker Pimps, Mazzy Star, Radiohead, and Thievery Corporation. She wrote, produced and has recorded all the music based on sound designs plus adding a few vintage musical instruments like Hammond organ, Steinweg baby grand, and circuit bending toys she will have many more illusions to mystify and electrify the mind.

Lady A.M. is a bilingual singer/songwriter/ producer, whose music genius is considered to like that of ancient Thai in which were considered "true artists" by their culture, she brings her craft in the form of music to Los Angeles. A talented singer/songwriter with a passion for her art she has gained credibility in an ever evolving business with her sensual voice to her entwined lyrics. Her work includes a voiceover for the Thai production of “Space Jam” (Warner Bros. Pictures 1997,) CBS “Survivor” 2002, numerous Thai commercials. She has also composed music for TV commercials and stays active in the US music industry. Her commercial compositions include Neutrogena, Venus Shaver, Ralph Lauren, Pedigree, Disney, and that’s just too name a few.
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