Alien Telegraph

Fullerton, CA United States

Genrer:Ambient/ljudlandskap, Goth, Elektronisk – experimentell, Jazz – fri/avantgarde, Specialmusik – soundtrackalternativ, Världsmusik – tribal, Världsmusik – övrigt, Världsmusik – mellanöstern, Världsmusik – indisk
Biografi: Unusual music made with some unusual musical instruments from different places and cultures, Marimbulas and mbiras, weird bagpipes, eclectic percussion, modular synthesizer, harps and steel guitars, dilruba and other strange strings, as well as with some homemade instruments. People often say it sounds like some strange movie music.

Alien Telegraph's music has been used as background music in some TV and film productions broadcast on:
Travel Channel
History Channel
Animal Planet
National Geographic
Spike TV
... and thanks to that, has been listed in the The 2011 Film & TV Composer Census
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