McCaw Music

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire United Kingdom

Genrer:Barn/lustig, Ambient/ljudlandskap, Specialmusik – bakgrundsmusik, Specialmusik – skräck/spänning, Blues – akustisk
Biografi: Mr McCaw has studied with the London School of Creative Studies. The guidance of Guy Mitchelmore has enabled Mr McCaw to call himself a Digital Musician. The learning continues with Music for the Media studying the art of writing music to picture and to a brief.

The eccentric team of McCaws has been making and recording music since the last century.

McCaw music has been used on BBC radio, performed in public, adorned a number of low-budget films can be heard on various websites - and now is used in a US anti-flu ad!

Currently McCaw are in collaboration with New Tempus films working on their latest - "Rising Sun".
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