The Changelings

Atlanta, GA United States

Genrer:Folk, New age, Ambient/ljudlandskap, Goth, Lounge/exotica, Reggae/dub, Elektronisk – breakbeat, Elektronisk – ambient, Klassiskt – modern/avantgarde, Alternativ pop, Specialmusik – soundtrackalternativ, Specialmusik – drama/känslor, Specialmusik – skräck/spänning, Specialmusik – cinematisk, Rock – experimentell/postrock, Rock – alternativ pop , Världsmusik – övrigt, Världsmusik – mellanöstern, Världsmusik – indisk, Världsmusik – östeuropeisk, Latin – tango
Biografi: The Changelings have been creating a unique blend of ambient pop-fusion laced with Neo-Classical and Middle Eastern styles since 1995. Their independent releases have sold extensively worldwide through mainly self-promotion and a short time on the UK label World Serpent. The Changelings have played to enthusiastic crowds across the US and in Canada and enjoy college and independent radio play across the globe. In addition to their international audience, The Changelings have a large and dedicated local fan base. They have been voted "Best of Atlanta" in Creative Loafing for five years running. The Changelings' innovative and timeless music has endeared them to fans and critics alike.....
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