Davide Mantovani

London, England United Kingdom

Biografi: Since his arrival in London from his native Italy in 1991, Davide Mantovani has built up a consistent amount of experience on the live and recording circuit. Playing with some of the most illustrious Jazz, African and Latin artists around, Davide has carved himself a respectable niche as a top bass player and composer.

Davide’s interest in music started at the age of four with the piano. He quickly progressed on to the guitar, and from there became strongly drawn to the bass which he took up seriously in 1982, achieving the mastery of a wide variety of styles with both the electric and the acoustic bass. Meanwhile he continued to focus on compositional skills, approached several other instruments and broadened his stylistic palette.

Moving his professional music career to London was a natural choice for Davide, attracted by the high level of musical stimulus to be gained from London's diverse music scene.

Davide is an established composer and arranger. His compositional work holds a strong position in his career and is included in the repertoire and recordings of many London-based artists. He has also released several albums under his name, written music for theatre, dance, cinema and TV, and is in constant demand for music-to-image works.

For more information: http://www.davidemantovani.net
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