Dean Brantley Taylor

Denver, CO United States

Genrer:Folk, HipHop – pop/modern, Country – samtida/pop, Country – alternativ, HipHop – pop/modern, Pop – adult contemporary, Specialmusik – drama/känslor, Specialmusik – jul/högtidsmusik, Blues – elektrisk, RnB – modern/urban contemporary
Biografi: Dean Brantley Taylor collaborates with many talented artists in a wide variety of genres. Their songs have been used in TV advertisements (Lego/Nickelodeon), TV shows (NBC, MTV, Animal Planet, Bio and more), corporate videos, compilation CDs, artist CDs, educational films and by PGA Tour Entertainment. They have also produced two albums of their own, including Marc Blackwell's 2010 debut "Bring Me Trouble" on which Dean co-wrote all the songs. Dean's new band, Mad July, is working on songs for their debut album. Listen to a few songs. They all sound different: different vocalists, different producers and different genres (rock, pop, alternative, country, Americana and more).
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