Inside The Black

Los Angeles, CA United States

Inside The Black
Genrer:Poprock, Rock – poprock, Rock – metal/alternativ metal, Rock – hårdrock/klassisk
Biografi: Formed in September 2002 in Los Angeles , Inside The Black has set off to give you rock the way you like your sex: raw, sloppy and hard. Taking elements of blues, jazz and straight up rock and roll, the band creates a familiar, yet new take on hard rock.

The band first got together in a run-down rehearsal studio at Selma and Highland in Hollywood. A mostly empty room, the ragged-out P.A. sat in the corner. The room smelled like the many years of sweat, drugs and rock and roll that had happened there before this moment.

The band played. It was heavy. And loud.

Eschewing the modern tendency to overly control music with click tracks and "perfect" performances, Inside The Black prefers to make music the way it was meant to be played. It's got to groove, it's got to sway and swagger and it's got to convey real emotion. Play loud.
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