St. Augustine, FL United States

Rick Levy. leader THE LIMITS
Genrer:Poprock, Rock – rootsrock, Rock – poprock
Biografi: Born in the middle class garages of Allentown, Pa in the mid 60's, fed on the sweet breast milk of the British Invasion, soul, and R&B, the Limits were one of the first, and best of Eastern Pa Bands. Teen recordings abound on their Earley Daze 1965-68 CD (, and leader Rick Levy started Luxury Records to record original Limits' music in 1980. "Songs About Girls" is a compilation of their music from 4 albums (USA, France, UK) (
Hooks, guitars, melodies abound..instantly danceable, recognizable, and brilliant. Recent release is a 10 Video DVD
of 80's Limits' songs ("Good Songs...Bad Hair) Billboard has said.."combines pop sensibilities with garage scruffiness"
CMJ..."cleverly crafted tunes worthy of humming along as you play air guitar..This is a band that knows its not about trying to be hip..As the old saying goes, its about the music, man! Rick Levy, Beau Jones, Pete Smoyer, Hub Willson and others. Rick Levy has gone on to manage JAY & TECHNIQUES< BOX TOPS< TOMMY ROE all 60's legends, and has been musical director, guitarist for Hermans Hermits
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