René Grossian

berlin, n/a Germany

Genrer:New age, Ambient/ljudlandskap, Specialmusik – soundtrackalternativ, Världsmusik – mellanöstern, Världsmusik – indisk, Världsmusik – etnisk electronica
Biografi: Life is the biggest inspiration for my creativity. I´ve always been fascinated by the tremendous power of music and art.
I had my first experience with traditional photography in the early 90ties. It was a process of trying and experience with slides. After this light and painting where mixed up on canvas. But soon i started to transfer my creativity and my inspiration in music. The first compositions were very personal, but after this, i succeeded in composing music for film and tv productions.
After searching new forms to express myself, i made my the first steps in motion graphics. All this together, the craft to design and to realize multimedia-based content give me a unique understanding to interact with graphics, video and sound.
...there are so many other artistic expressions. The music composition is definitely an important means to me.

Music licensees:

Turner Studios
Red Bull Media House
Indigo Films
NBA Entertainment
Pinewood Films
Simon and Schuster
The Biography Channel
City Lights Media
Lion Television
Company Pictures

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