Jacob Moon

Jacob Moon
Biografi: When audiences first hear Jacob Moon in concert, often their first question is "Why isn't this guy famous??". To see and hear this Hamilton-based singer-songwriter in action is to be filled with wonder, and more questions, like "how does he make the guitar sound like an entire orchestra?" and "where do I get my hands on these songs?".

To answer the question of what Moon has been up to for the past few years, he's been very busy recording CDs for the Signpost label (Steve Bell's imprint), and touring all over Canada and into the United States. He has played hundreds of theatres and churches in his quest to reach new audiences with his songs and stagecraft. He has taken the grassroots approach to marketing and promotions, like his friend and mentor Steve Bell, and it has rewarded him with a following that is passionate and loyal. His CDs have been played on radio stations across the country, and have sold over 25,000 copies.

His passionate vocals and inspired lyrics are given flight by his total command of the guitar, which at times sounds like an entire orchestra, owing to his use of the JamMan, a live looping device that allows him to more fully realize his onstage ambitions as a solo artist. The opportunity to hear and experience a Jacob Moon show is not to be missed.

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