Donald Trump policy advisor Stephen Miller introduces Trump and other speakers during a campaign stop in Carmel, Ind.

Donald Trump's Senior Advisor to the President for Policy, Stephen Miller, who was a policy advisor during Trump's presidential campaign, when this video was captured, makes a political sales pitch to Hoosier voters while introducing Donald Trump and other speakers during an Indiana Primary campaign stop in Carmel, Indiana. transcript: Miller - And you know what we’re gonna call the Donald Trump ticket, and we’re gonna call that the America ticket because were gonna put jobs and wages for American workers first, we’re gonna put jobs and wages for Indiana first, we’re gonna have somebody fighting in your corner for a change, now I have a special message for all the mothers, who is a mom in this room … now lemme ask you a question, as mothers, is it important that your children grow up in a safe community? Is it important to you that the United States has a border? Is it important to you that we keep terrorists out of this country? Donald J. Trump is going to fight to make sure every working mom in this country can know that her children will grow up in safety and prosperity.


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Upphovsman:Jeremy Hogan
Videoklipp nr.:641736238HD
Samling:Getty Images Editorial Footage
Datum skapat:02 maj 2016
Releaseinformation:Saknar release. Mer information
Plats:Carmel, Indiana, United States
Källa:Getty Images Editorial Footage

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